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Chances are, you have a plan in mind for your business. You've dreamed about what it would be like in a year from now, and you may even have your goals written down on paper. If you're really committed, you may have even followed John Carlton's advice, with a letter dated next year written to yourself about how much has changed, and how much better things are in life and in business. But listen: NONE OF THAT MATTERS without implementing the very first Business Building Block that I reveal in this episode of Smart Time Online. Show Notes -

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Want to become known as THE expert in your market? Want to become so popular, that it's impossible to be ignored? Want the income that comes with that? Then listen to this episode of Smart Time Online and discover The Value Equation. Show Notes -

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In this episode, you'll learn how Trevor Page's new software, Survey 2 Sale, can boost your sales conversions by simply adding a widgetized survey to your website that includes incentives (discounts, bonuses, etc.) for answering a series of survey questions. It comes with a built in timer for scarcity and integrates with email marketing services like Aweber and Mailchimp. This, of course, leads to a boost in sales conversions, list size, AND leaves you with direct answers to questions you ask your visitors! Show Notes -

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If you've owned or operated a business, you know how important it is to increase average customer value. It can make or break a business, yours included, if it goes ignored. In this episode, you'll learn how to calculate your current average customer value, and how to increase it by implementing a conversion funnel. Show Notes -

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As an entrepreneur, you no doubt run into creativity road blocks (it's human). In this episode, we explore what works for successful entrepreneurs when it comes to sparking and sustaining creativity, and dissect each of the 5 rituals into actionable strategies that you can utilize right away. Show Notes -

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Discover the one question that Jay Abraham asked Jeff that will turn your whole perspective on business around. You'll learn the mindset of a leader who operates a $35 million dollar business, and how you can join him and hundreds of other likeminded entrepreneurs in his mastermind, The Thursday Night Boardroom. Show Notes -

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In Part 2 of the Email Marketing Quick-Win series, I reveal the dead list revival strategy that Dean Jackson discovered while working 1 on 1 with one of his clients, how to properly utilize Social Media with Email Marketing, the right way to "speak" with your subscribers, and #10 will raise your eyebrows while you wonder, "why didn't I think of that?" Show Notes -

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Could you improve the way you're doing email marketing? Would you like higher open rates, more click-throughs and more sales? Then take a quick listen to Part 1 of the 10 Email Marketing Quick-Win Strategies and discover how you can quickly implement these strategies to make your email marketing smarter. Show notes -

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You have not met a trailblazer until you've met John Lee Dumas. In late 2012, John launched a podcast called Entrepreneur On Fire and just over a year later, had a six-figure business built around it. In this episode, he reveals how it all happened, the one habit that he attributes his success to, and how you can gain the momentum you need in order to build meaningful and lucrative income online yourself. Show Notes -


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Truly understanding who your target prospect is plays a critical role in selling or promoting your products or services. By figuring this out and then targeting in on this specific “person” will allow you to better position your business, and grow your profits. In this episode, I review why it’s so important to go beyond just “guessing” who your target prospect is. You’ll learn some of the most effective AND efficient ways of conducting market research – without spending a single penny on any market research “tools”. Show Notes -

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